Management and Governance

Director’s Words

As I, am the chief of Webdeepro, my words resound a vision of development, fabulousness, and customer-centricity. I accept in leveraging cutting-edge innovations to drive advanced change and engage businesses to flourish within the ever-evolving computerized scene. With a centered approach on collaboration, mastery, and conveying extraordinary comes about, we point to be the trusted accomplice that makes a difference organizations tackle the power of innovation to realize their potential objectives. Together, we are going explore the complexities of the IT scene, grasp openings for significant development, and construct a future where innovation makes unending and interminable conceivable outcomes!! 

The Technical Head

“Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues”.

Webdeepro takes pride in presenting and reporting Mr. Deepak Kumar,  as the finest IT Specialized Head. With broad skill in data innovation and a demonstrated track record of conveying remarkable comes about, Mr. Deepak Kumar could be an energetic pioneer driving our organization’s innovative progressions. His vital considering, specialized ability and solid administration aptitudes make him an priceless resource to our group. As a pioneer and subject matter master, Deepak  is:

  • Mindful for setting the specialized course,
  • Directing and directing the specialized perspectives of the organization,
  • Guaranteeing the arrangement of innovation activities with commerce objectives,
  •  Driving advancement and fabulousness inside the specialized group,
  • Oversee the advancement and execution of specialized strategies,    designs, and measures,
  • Giving direction and back to specialized staff,
    Evaluating rising innovations, making educated choices, and overseeing specialized dangers,
  • Collaborate with other divisions, clients, and partners to provide high-quality arrangements,     
  • Cultivate a culture of persistent learning and     
  • Drive the development and victory of the IT firm 


Webdeepro approaches are the directing standards and rules that oversee different viewpoints of operations, guaranteeing consistency, compliance and moral conduct. These arrangements cover regions such as information security, privacy, worthy utilize of innovation assets, code of conduct and mental property security. They are outlined to protect delicate data, moderate dangers and advance a culture of polished skill, judgment and regard. Also, arrangements address worker benefits, execution assessments, preparing and proficient advancement openings. Building up these clear and straightforward approaches advances a positive work environment, adjusts with legitimate and administrative necessities and ingrains belief and certainty among clients and partners.. 

Security Policy:

  • Utilize solid passwords and empower multi-factor confirmation.     
  • Frequently overhaul and fix program and frameworks.     
  • Actualize firewalls, antivirus, and interruption location frameworks.     
  • Implement information encryption for delicate data.     
  • Teach representatives almost security best hones. 

Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Indicate satisfactory and disallowed employments of company IT assets.
  • Disallow unauthorized get to or utilize of company frameworks.
  • Limit individual utilize of company gear and organize.
  • Clarify results for arrangement infringement. 

Data Protection and Privacy Policy:

  • Comply with pertinent information assurance laws and directions.
  • Ensure client and representative individual data.
  • Actualize information reinforcement and calamity recuperation plans.
  • Get assent for information collection and handling. 

Software and Hardware Policy:

  • Characterize endorsed computer program and equipment for company utilize.
  • Indicate rules for program establishment and overhauls.
  • Disallow unauthorized establishment or utilize of program.
  • Decide forms for hardware obtainment and transfer. 

Internet and Email Usage Policy:

  • Indicate fitting web and e-mail utilization for work purposes.
  • Forbid getting to unseemly or noxious websites.
  • Clarify mail utilization rules, counting secrecy.
  •  Monitor and log web and e-mail action. 

Remote Work Policy:

  • Build up rules and desires for farther work.
  • Characterize gear and network prerequisites.
  • Address information security and security concerns.
  • Communicate accessibility and communication desires. 

Incident Response Policy:

  • Characterize strategies for dealing with security occurrences.
  • Build up announcing channels for potential security breaches.
  • Conduct normal occurrence reaction drills and preparing.
  • Archive post-incident examination and lessons learned. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy:

  • Indicate rules and limitations for individual gadget utilize.
  • Characterize security measures for individual gadgets getting to company assets.
  • Layout back levels and obligations for individual gadgets. 

Social Media Policy:

  • Give rules for fitting social media utilize.
  • Address sharing company data and client secrecy.
  • Teach representatives on potential dangers and reputational affect.
  • Set up rules for speaking to the company online. 

IT Asset Management Policy:

  • Set up methods for following and overseeing IT resources.
  • Characterize resource allotment, support, and retirement forms.
  • Conduct customary reviews to guarantee resource stock exactness.